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ASEA Global Ordering & Shipping Details & Tips

ASEA Global Ordering & Shipping Details & Tips
June 14, 2017 Admin

A) Choose your country of residence (From Drop Down List)

Here you will see a list of all countries where ASEA is fully “Open for Business” and these choices will allow you to sign up as an Associate, Preferred Customer or Retail Customer.

Other Countries (also part of the above drop down list)

These are countries where ASEA has a presence but not fully operational as yet.

Here you can sign-up as an Associate or Preferred Customer. Retail pricing is not currently available for these other countries. Also, maximum monthly purchases may be capped.

Shipping to other countries:

While ASEA allows “Associate” and “Preferred Customer” enrollments in the other countries, shipping directly to such countries may not be available. ASEA does make exceptions to ship directly to a “other” country, but for the most part, shipping directly toaaother country may not be currently available. Your only option in such a case would be to “Enroll” with the other country BUT the products would have to be shipped to one of the “open” countries like USA or any of the other open countries.

B) Choose your Preferred language (Drop Down List)

Your new ASEA Online-account shall be available in the language of your choice.


C) Select Your Account Type:

Here you will see “ASEA Associate”, “Preferred Customer” and “Retail Customer” (NOTE: Retail is not currently available in “Other” Countries)

Click “Enroll” on the type of account you want to create. You will now see Products Pricing for your choice ………


Proceed Directly To ASEA Global Page For Signup & Wholesale Or Retail Pricing & Ordering