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About Us

Bringing ASEA To Market As An Independent Associate

Noorani International is an Independent Associate of ASEA, LLC.

ASEA came on the scene in 2009. This utterly unique product has created a category of its own. It’s the first and only source of Redox Signaling molecules aside from the human body itself.

Initially, ASEA’s owners had no reason to get into network marketing. They were already successful—Verdis and Jim had even retired from the traditional corporate world. But they had in their hands a one-of-a-kind product that they knew people needed. They felt an obligation to get it out fast, to as many people as they could. So they chose a channel that was a first for them both: network marketing.

Against the grain of the traditional MLM startup, which usually springs from former network marketing executives who create a marketing plan and then create a product, Verdis and Jim already had a product—they just needed the right vehicle. ASEA was born.

How Can You Experience The Benefits Of ASEA?

As a Retail Customer: You purchase ASEA products at the retail price. If you want to purchase more products you simply purchase again at the retail price but have no obligation to purchase automatically. You may switch to Preferred or Wholesale Customer in the future if desired. *Please contact us for more details on Retail-Customer Pricing*.

As a Wholesale Customer: You purchase ASEA products at the wholesale price by joining the Preferred Customer Autoship Program that ships product automatically the same day each month. You can cancel your participation or change your item or quantity at any time without penalty. *Please contact us for more details on Preferred-Customer Pricing*.

Join The Opportunity As An Independent Associate: Whenever there’s a genuine breakthrough, there’s always massive opportunity. We know that ASEA helps everyone, from the average businessperson who just wants to age a little slower to the top-tier athlete who wants to boost performance. ASEA is a true breakthrough.*Please contact us for more details on joining our team as an Independent ASEA Associate*.

And that breakthrough is firmly rooted in solid, powerful science. No other company in the world knows the science behind Redox Signaling like we do. Redox Signaling is being studied and researched by thousands of scientists worldwide, but only one company has harnessed its power and created a Redox Signaling product: ASEA.

So what does this extraordinary scientific breakthrough mean for you? A massive, phenomenal opportunity. As an ASEA Associate, you’re not selling a juice or a pill that can be purchased at any big-box or grocery store. You’re offering a groundbreaking product that can only be purchased from one source: you. Please Contact Us for more details regarding the ASEA Opportunity.

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