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What is ASEA

What is ASEA
May 9, 2016 Admin

Simply put, ASEA is nothing but trillions of perfectly balanced Redox Signaling Molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution. These very same molecules also exist in each and every cell of the human body since the time of our birth. These amazing redox-signaling molecules play a very significant role in the functioning of our immune system by participating 24/7 in a continuous cycle which aids in the repair, restoration or replacement of damaged cells, thus helping us live healthier lives.

As we age, our bodies start losing the ability to self-produce these life-essential redox signaling molecules. Although science has known for decades the critical role these redox molecules play in cellular health, until recently it was considered “impossible” by scientists to be able to stabilize these molecules outside of the human body. …. Then, after many years of research and millions of dollars spent, along came ASEA to replenish your body’s own supply of these molecules in stable-form and help jump-start the immune system!

We already know the market is saturated with a whole lot of health products like juices, berry’s, pills or vitamins, many claiming to be “natural”. Keep in mind, ASEA proudly sets itself apart all of these simply because, not only are redox-signaling molecules “natural”, they are also “native” to your cellular makeup, i.e., ASEA is only replenishing something which already exists in your body!

This is what sets ASEA apart as a scientific breakthrough which now enjoys the protection of over thirty US Government Patents. ASEA is truly a game-changer on a mission to revolutionize the World of Health-Science!!!

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