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ASEA: The Genesis

ASEA: The Genesis
May 9, 2016 Admin

The video ASEA: The Genesis was released on June 2nd, 2012 at the single largest gathering of ASEA Associates in history. This event took place simultaneously at 21 Cities around the world, namely:

Lexington, KY – Spokane, WA – Denver, CO – Washington, DC – Phoenix, AZ – Frankfurt, Germany –
Toronto, Canada – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Milan, Italy – Irvine, CA – Helena, MT – Twin Falls, ID – Rome, Italy – Salt Lake City, UT – Little Rock, AR – Las Vegas, NV – Dallas, TX – White Plains, NY – Boise, ID – Puerto Rico, PR & Orlando, FL

This new cinematic quality film shows the true spirit behind the founding of ASEA. The essence of which is clearly visible when It’s founders Verdis Norton and James Pack explain why they turned down an offer for a very large sum of money made by a global pharmaceutical & corporate-giant from the east coast of USA. One of the conditions set-forth as part of this mega-offer was to take ASEA completely off the market but Verdis & Jim felt contrary to this!

Knowing that ASEA had already helped so many people they personally knew, Verdis & Jim mention how they felt a moral obligation to share the benefits of ASEA with the world. Network Marketing was then chosen as the most logical-vehicle to enable people sharing their own experiences and benefits from ASEA on a one to one basis. Verdis & Jim indicate that by sharing ASEA with the world, they are catering to a “higher cause”. Verdis puts it rather well, by saying “It’s not about making a million dollars, it’s about changing a million lives”

This new film “ASEA: The Genesis” captures the true experience of a Meet ASEA and is now available in nine languages, namely:

English, Italian, Slovenian, German, Dutch, US Spanish, EU Spanish, Canadian French & EU French

Here is a link to the US English version: ASEA: The Genesis

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